How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi?

When we think of pairing our smartphones to TV, wireless internet connections and Bluetooth pops up in our minds. Wired connections like MHL and HDMI cables also been a reliable way. However, here is another interesting way to stream your phone content on your big TV screen and enjoy sharing that funny meme with your friends and family.How to Mirror Phone to TV without Wi-Fi

Sometimes we do not get access to WiFi, and our boredom goes to the next level. Well, I will tell you how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi and divert your mind in these troubling times.

You only need to have your smartphone with a mirror screen feature, Bluetooth option, and of course, a TV, and you are good to go. It is pretty impressive that all the modern TVs are coming with this feature without burdening us with extra prices. But, pairing both devices through this feature is not easy as it sounds, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Here is an easy guide to making you aware of this exciting hidden feature in your mobile phones that you can utilize anytime, anywhere and make the most out of your TV.

Built-in Screen Mirroring Feature in Smart Devices

Almost all the new smart devices, be it a smartphone or smart TV, has this built-in feature of screen mirroring. Anyone can utilize this fantastic feature through the Bluetooth option. Internet connection is not necessary for pairing devices this way, so that is a plus point. Besides, many android devices name this feature as Miracast wireless display technology.

Once you figure out that both of your respective devices support this feature, you can carry on to the connecting process. It should not take time, but you must be careful because it is different from pairing devices automatically through Wi-Fi.

How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

Steps to using the screen mirroring feature are:

  • Turn on both your Mirecast supportive devices.
  • Go to the settings of your Android phone and click on the “Wireless Display” option.
  • It will open up a list of different devices available; click on the Screen Beam.
  • On your TV screen, a code will pop up.
  • Enter that particular code on your android phone, and Boom! The feature will start running.


How to Mirror phone to TV with USB option

You may need to mirror screen both devices using the Bluetooth open in some devices. Don’t worry, and the process is no different than we just discussed. Let’s see what other benefits of Bluetooth we were missing out on.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone and TV. If your TV does not support the Bluetooth option, use the Bluetooth dongle, I will discuss it later in the article.
  • Open your TVs setting and go to Input.
  • You should see Bluetooth devices or the Screen Mirroring option here. Choose either of them and find your Android device from the list.
  • A pop-up confirmation window will appear on your phone that would say your TV is trying to connect. Press agree with that window.
  • Start mirroring both devices.
  • Now, whatever you do on your mobile phone will be showing on the TV screen.


How to mirror / Connect iPhone to TV Without Using WIFI

Apart from Android devices, iPhones also offer this attractive feature and allow users to pair both devices wirelessly and effortlessly. You can pair your iPhone to any Android TV without messing up with lots of cables.

Moreover, all the new iOS updates make this feature available on the control centre for quick access. You no longer waste time going into settings, finding the option, and start proceeding. Let’s see how we can mirror iPhone to TV in few easy steps.

  • Turn on the screen mirror or Bluetooth option on your TV.
  • Slide up the iPhone control centre and touch on the Screen Mirroring.
  • The small window will appear on your iPhone with all the available devices ready for pairing. Select your TV.
  • As soon you select your TV, screen mirroring will proceed, and you can see all your phone activity on your TV screen.

PS: You do not have to enable WiFi or Bluetooth on your iPhone to access this feature.


How to Stop Mirror Phone to TV

Now, we know how to screen mirroring and get our phone content on our TV screens wirelessly. But, what if we are done with it? How do we stop it?

Yes, I know several similar questions are disturbing you. But, no worries. You can stop it by turning off the Bluetooth or Screen mirroring option from either of your devices. Once you hit the button, all of the streaming and pairing will instantly stop.

Bottom Line

Connecting your phones to TV has never been easy. All these exciting ways that do not consume much energy from either of your devices and start pairing in few seconds is like a dream come true.

Screen Mirroring is not a brand new feature but a hidden one that could not get much attention due to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. But now, with the easy setup and quick pairing, it becomes a favourite go-to application.

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