Showbox for firestick – Lastest version of ShowBox APK for andriod , iPhone

In this fast-forward world, people have very little time for themselves, but regardless of this, they try to seek entertainment from various sources.

Movies and TV series are the type of entertainment which has hold audience for years as one can enjoy it from home on their smartphone. But to enjoy this blessing, a person has to go through a series of the site to come across the one which is free of cost and also provide good movie quality too.

showbox apk

Showbox APK solves all these minor problems and provides a platform where you can enjoy TV series and movies without searching for another website every time you plan to watch a movie.

Showbox for firestick

An android based app which is free of cost and provides excess to thousands of movies and TV series from your smartphone. Showbox APK has gain popularity in a short time and now one of the most frequently used apps among people.

Download Showbox APK for Android:

As it is an APK file so one can not find it on google play store. You can download this app from their official website, or you can use other sources to download this app.

App name Showbox APK
APK version 5.36
Updated on August 19 2019
License free
Available for Windows, IOS, android
Android version 4.0 or above

Downloading Steps For Android:

  1. First, download the Showbox APK application from the link given above.
    Showbox APK for Android
  2. Then go to SETTINGS of your mobile phone.
  3. In settings, click the SECURITY option.
  4. Enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES option.
  1. Now click on the Showbox APK file downloaded in your phone.
  1. TERMS AND CONDITION option will appear, accept it.
  2. An INSTALLoption will appear on your screen click that option and the application will be installed in your phone.
  3. Turn on the app after installation.

Some Important Things To Remember:

Before downloading a Showbox APK link, make sure you are using a trustworthy site. Many unofficial sites can transfer the virus to your device, which can affect the performance of your smartphones, tablets, PC etc.

Without the enable source option, you will not be able to download the app on your phone because the application comes from an external source, so for this, you need to enable this option first.

When an update is available, so download that update to avoid bugs. After installing wait for few seconds so that the data can be upload when that is completed, you can enjoy free movies, tv shows and news etc.

Downloading Steps of ShowBox For PC , iOS , iPhone  :

ShowBox For PC:

  • Open the browser of your choice.
  • Download android emulator ( examples: BlueStacks, Nox Android)
  • Now download the Showbox APK from the link.
  • Now open the android emulator and install the Showbox APK in it by clicking INSTALL.
  • Enjoy using Showbox APK on your personnel computers.

ShowBox for Iphone / iOS:

  • Go to the Safari browser.
  • Find an iOS file of Showbox APK and download it.
  • Now go to SETTINGS of your phone and click GENERAL SETTINGS and then DEVICE MANAGEMENT.
  • Under the ENTERPRISE APPS, click the TRUST SHOWBOX.
  • Now install the app and then run the app on your iOS device.
Downloading Updates:

Showbox founders are regularly trying to upgrade the application so that people can use it with ease they are adding new features and also trying to fix the bugs which cause hindrance in use. Updates are provided to Showbox user for their ease. Don’t worry; the process of downloading updates is straightforward. Just remember the following instructions and your life would be easy.

Notification: If there is an update so your device will automatically show you an announcement regarding the update. If you are interested in updating the application, just click the UPDATE and your application will be updated.

If you are busy, so just click the REMIND ME LATER icon, and it will remind you next time when you open the application.

  • Sometimes your device is not able to show you any notices regarding the update. Don’t worry, just uninstall the app and then re-install the app by following the steps as mentioned earlier.
Downloading Requirements:

Before downloading the Showbox APK application, you need first to check three things on your mobile phone or another device; otherwise, you won’t be able to download the app.

First: your android version should be 4.0 or greater than 4.0 to use this app. This information can be checked by going to settings à About phone à Android version.

Second: some free storage space should be available in the device the minimum requirement is 200MB by this you can enjoy the videos without buffering because it automatically streams when there is free space.

Third: if you don’t want your application to hang so your RAM should be 1GB or more.

These above three features can help you run your Showbox APK application without any hindrance.

 Features Of Showbox APK:

Show box new version provide its user with the following features:

  1. No payments and sign in
  2. Different type of contents that are movies, tv-series, news, songs, trailer.
  3. Video downloading.
  4. Movie library.
  5. Different languages.
  6. Smaller APK size

Faster downloading speed.

  • No Payments and sign in Yes, you read it right it is free of cost. This application can easily be downloaded without any charges. And this is not all, and you do not need to sign up for an account, the Showbox app does not requires any kind of account just turn on the app and start using it no need to worry about remembering username and password.
  • Content: In Showbox, you can enjoy the following content:
  • Movies: enjoy the movies of your liking, whether it is old or new Showbox provides you with movies belonging to different genera’s. All HD Hollywood movie is available here.
  • TV series: whether it is the latest game of thrones series or the never getting old friends to season Showbox has it all. From new to old, every type of tv series is available here. It updates new shows every week, so one doesn’t have to wait for a more extended period.
  • News: all the latest news related to Hollywood is available here. Showbox makes you up to date regarding the rumours about the upcoming TV series and movies. All entertainment news is provided in this wonderful app.
  • Songs: the latest version has made the users’ life easier the one thing that was missing is now available on Showbox APK. Now you can enjoy music on Showbox as well.Trailers: latest movies or Tv series trailers can be easily excess here so you can decide whether to watch it or not without going anywhere else to find the trailers.
  • Downloads: You can also download your favourite tv-series and movies here. Don’t have internet? No worry you can enjoy downloaded videos offline whenever you want wherever you are just put the movie or series on download when doing work and when you are done working your movie or series will be downloaded no annoying adds and no buffering of video to disturb you
  • Library: Showbox allows its users to arrange their library according to their likes. Now no need to search for movies again and again just add in your library and view it whenever you want. Design it according to the title, genre and rating.
  • Language: The Showbox APK app allow its user to change the language to their mother tongue. This app comes in various languages. The new update has added 11 new languages to the app.
  • APK size: Showbox APK creators are continuously trying to provide a high quality product to their users and for this, they have also reduced the APK size from 38MB to 30MB can it get any easier?
  • Downloading speed: one of the main problems that viewer’s face is the downloading speed of the video, Showbox APK provide an increase downloading speed so no need to wait for hours for your video to get a download

Add Free Videos:

One of the leading problems that every viewer’s face is the adds that come between the video. You get very annoyed when watching an intense scene, and out of nowhere and add comes along it just kills off the mode.

In Showbox APK, you can watch videos with fewer additives. Well, it is better than getting add every 5 minutes.But to get this advantage, you have to download ad blockers. Yes, the player is mostly the right choice to solve this added problem.

Don’t know how to use it? No problem just follow the under given instructions, and your life will be comfortable trust me.

Steps to use Yes player with showbox:

  • Download yes player on your device by using google play.
  • Now open the Showbox app and go to the MENU.
  • In the menu go to SETTINGS
  • Here a DEFAULT PLAYER option is present.
  • Change that default player option to OTHER PLAYER.
  • Now open any movie.
  • Click watch now.
  • To play a stream click Yes player.

Yes, the player is made explicitly for Showbox APK.

Showbox APK.

A new more improvised version of Showbox APK has been introduced in the market which has been designed after considering the problems faced by many of Showbox APK users. This new version provided the viewers with upgraded performance, stable updates, the hanging issue was also resolved in this new version of Showbox APK. The bugs of the previous program have been fixed. The most common problem relating to the connection error message that use to pop up has been set by forming a better user interface.

The best thing about this version is the music streaming feature which gives the users excess to the wide variety of music, and all this is for free. And also, the developers have reduced the size of the program to a very light version, so people do not have storage issues.

Advantages Of Showbox APK Over Other Applications:

If we compare to other applications, so the first thing that attracts us is it is free, and this is a vast advantage trust me! We pay so much money on claims just to enjoy over favourite movies or tv shows and that of not only once but every month regardless of using that app or not. You have to keep up to date with this payments, or else subscription would be cancelled.

But Showbox does not demand any of these payments so if you are using it or not your application will work whenever you open it. You do not need to remember weird usernames or passwords just click on the Showbox APK application icon, and your application will start running

Generally, the website which offers free content does not provide excellent video quality, nor they are ad-free. Well, you do not need to worry when using Showbox APK app because the download feature of this app is a lifesaver now just download the movie, drama or music and enjoy it without any worry of annoying adds or buffering which is a total killjoy.

The quality of video provided by Showbox APK is terrific, not like another free website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. 1Why are gender and age asked while downloading Showbox APK?

When you open the application for the very first time, it requires your age and gender. The reason behind this is that when you enter your age, the system automatically provides you with content according to your age group.

Other than this, they also use this information for the record-keeping of what age group of people are present who are using Showbox APK.

  1. Is the Showbox APK app is legal to use?

The answer to this question can not be in yes or no, there is a logic which you need to understand. Showbox APK does not host the movies and tv series torrent link it only provides its viewer with the freedom to surf these links of the torrent.

It provides medium like google offer it, but google is not illegal, right?

It is called illegal because you do not own this streaming content, so you do not have any right upon it.

  1. 3Does the Showbox APK app share our information? 

Unfortunately, yes, this application comes with a drawback that it can share your information and share it with the movie studios if asked for it so they can know what you are watching and what do you like and what you do not like.

  1. How does the Showbox APK app works?

The Showbox APK uses both end to end and non-end to end resources that allow the people to download tv-series and movies. They are using torrent for their work.

  1. In which quality the Showbox APK offer videos? 

The quality of videos that the Showbox APK provide is 360p, 480p or 720p. Other than this, your internet strength is also essential for excellent quality.

  1. What genre are movies available in Showbox APK? 

All kind of genre that is sci-fi, horror, action, comedy etc. almost all type of genre movies and tv shows are available in this site.

  1. What to do if my film or show is not playing on full screen in Showbox APK? 

Click the quality control section a USE INTERNAL PLAYER option is present uncheck it. This helps in fixing the playback issues.

  1. How to correct bug problems in Showbox APK? 

The troublesome bug problem can be solved by again unchecking the USE INTERNAL PLAYER option.

  1. Can Showbox APK can be downloaded from Appstore or google play store? 

No, as it is an APK so, this application can not be downloaded from Appstore, nor you can download it from google play store.

  1. How to protect our privacy while using Showbox APK app? 

    There is no such method for this problem but what you can do is that use it with the precaution that is use VPNs so it might help in protecting your privacy.

  1. What to do if my Showbox APK program stops working?

First of all, check that you are using the latest version of Showbox APK if not, so you need to clean your storage and this can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Find the Showbox APK application and click it.
  • There will be a storage option given their click it.
  • Clear all the application and data cache.
  • Restart Showbox.


Lastly, I would say that Showbox APK is an excellent way of enjoying the entertainment world from comedy series to action movies and to latest songs Showbox APK has it all. It is a great platform where you can enjoy all the film latest or old, completed tv series, latest songs, Hollywood rumours and trailers it has everything just what we need after a tiring day college, university or office.

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