How to Install Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube?

Streaming our favorite shows and movies is the best time killer technique we have this time. It makes us engaged, and we also get to refresh our minds with thrilling and comedy content available. Many online streaming providers like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Disney, etc., make unique content, but most of their premium services don’t come free. Their premium features are extraordinary but come with a heavy price tag which is quite a problem for many of us.

Kodi Firestick

However, not everyone wants to pay a huge amount every month to stream their favorite show. Thus, installing Kodi on firestick could be a great idea. Kodi is one of the Amazon Fire Stick apps that allows streaming of different content that might not be accessible in your region or may be available with a hefty price tag.

So, if you can’t live without streaming your favorite shows and want to get all the latest updates about for favorite sports team, you must install Kodi on your devices. Kodi allows free streaming of TV shows, sports, news, live channels, etc. Now, with Kodi, you can stream unlimited free content on your streaming devices.

Besides, installing Kodi is not complex. You only have to go along with few steps, and it will ready to deliver its services. Right below, you can see the complete and easy step-by-step guide of how to Install Kodi on Firestick.

Note: If you have bought a Firestick recently, make you set it up and get it ready for use before installing Kodi.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick

There are different techniques of installing Kodi on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube. Though all of them are easy and do not take more than five minutes, we will see all of them separately. I advise you to follow a step-by-step guide so you’ll have a smooth installing experience.

  • Install Kodi with Downloader App

It is an easy way to get Kodi on your devices. You will be going to launch Kodi through a downloader app.

Step 1:

First of all, you want to go to your device’s setting, enable unknown sources, and then download the downloader app from the device’s app store.

I assume you know the downloading process. If not, then launch the downloader app, then you will get a pop-up at the bottom which requires permission to access different files; click on the Allow option. The next screen is about the downloader’s notes and privacy concerns, click OK, and it will take you to the downloader home page. Easy peasy.


Step 2:

At the next step, click on the URL box. You will notice a pop-up keyboard suddenly appear on the screen. Anyways, enter Kodi’s site address and click on the Go button. It will begin the Kodi installing process.

Step 3:

As soon the Kodi is downloaded to the device, you get to see a launch page of Kodi. Go to the Install option at the right bottom of the screen and click.

Step 4:

When the Kodi is installed on your device, click on the Done button and return to the downloader home page. Here you get to see a pop-up confirmation about installation, but at this point, click on the delete option. Since you installed Kodi on your respective device, deleting from here will free up extra space on your FireStick for future installations. It won’t affect your current Kodi installation.

Step 5:

Go to your device’s settings, and launch the Kodi app from Managed Installed Apps option. It will give room to Kodi on the home screen.

Ready for Using Kodi

You can open the Kodi, and it will take you to the home page of the latest version. You should be ready to watch your favorite movies, shows, access live channels, Radio, and can do addons without wasting your single penny.

Alternate Methods to Install Kodi on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube

Downloader is a user-friendly app, and you should have a smooth experience installing Kodi through it. It is free, easy, and reliable.

In case you couldn’t get Kodi through downloader, no worries. We have other easy ways to follow to install Kodi on streaming devices. It will also not take your precious time, and by following few steps, you get your desired app. So, let’s dive into it.

The following method we have is ES File Explorer. It is available on almost all streaming devices, including Android. However, it is not free. It will cost you around $9.99/month but provides a smooth downloading experience of different apps. It comprises the following steps.

Step 1:

Go to your Fire TV settings, turn on Apps from the unknown sources under developer options.

Step 2:

Get to the Fire Stick homepage and reach the search option to type ES File Explorer. Follow the on-screen installing instructions and download them to your device. Then launch it after downloading for instant use. It will hardly take two minutes.

Step 3:

Open the homepage and scroll down to the download manager, which you will find under the Tools at the left menu. It will land on a new screen full of various options at the bottom. Go to the  “New” option and wait until a pop-up appears on the screen.

Step 4:

Here you have to enter the site address of Kodi following by the “Kodi” at the name option. And then press Download Now.

Step 5:

Wait for few seconds until it downloads the Kodi to the system. Then click on the open file option, which leads to another pop-up. Here you want to click on the Install button and then again Install. It will install your Kodi app and make it ready to use.


Install Kodi with AppStarter

Let’s see the last method to install Kodi on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube. It is another easy method to access Kodi to watch as much as possible content without paying a single penny.

AppStarter is a tool that allows the installation of different apps with their latest versions. It also helps manage the apps to update anything to the new versions instead of installing again.

With the AppStarter, you can download the application we have discussed above. Yes, you will find the downloader app, and by following the above steps, you can install Kodi easily to your respective device.


Safety Measures

You must know that all the streaming apps on the internet and addons are not secured because of the insecure service hostings. So, you must take safety measures to keep your devices logged and not give anyone the power to interfere with your privacy.

VPN is the best and safe technique to secure your IP address. As soon as you enable the VPN option, it will make your identity anonymous on the internet. So, it is necessary to get VPN services that are fast and reliable. Also, it is essential to check the VPN service you opt for does not keep your logs data-for privacy reasons.

Thus there are many VPN service providers online you can register. Many of them are free, but I can not guarantee their reliability. So, it is better to do some research and get the best one.



  • Do Kodi is safe?

It is. You can install Kodi without harming your devices and without violating any legal rules. Kodi is made for you to enhance your entertainment experience. Since you can download Kodi from your device’s official app store, so you must know the companies interface does not store any illegal or safe app content. Don’t worry, and install the Kodi app now.

  • Do Kodi is Free?

Yes, Kodi is free to install on your devices. Also, Kodi does not have any subscription requirements/charges. So, you can watch your favorite content without any payment worries.

  • What can I watch on Kodi?

You can watch almost everything on Kodi. There are no such restrictions on streaming unlimited content from live channels to sports TV channels, Radio, streaming services, news, etc. Moreover, you can addon different sources as Kodi supports third-party addons for an exciting user experience.



Kodi is an incredible addition to your content streaming experience. However, with Kodi, you can watch your favorite sports, TV Shows, and much more while being completely free. The installation process of the Kodi is not hard itself, and you only have to follow few steps which do not make you wait for longer and make your devices ready for the Kodi.

I hope you have a smooth installing process, and you get to watch all your most-awaited content as soon as you get the Kodi. All these installation methods written above are safe, tested, and reliable.


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