How to Install Google Apps on Hisense Smart TV?

So, you are a Hisense Smart TV user who does not know much about utilizing its smart features. No worries! You are at the right place to figure out everything about your Hisense smart TV.

Since Hisense has gained popularity among its rivals for its user-friendly interface with Android OS, it comes in different screen sizes and decent build quality. It provides stunning image quality with all the outstanding built-in features.

How to Install Google Apps on Hisense Smart TV

Hisense smart TV allows you to stream online content from several streaming platforms, for which it provides access to download apps and channels for quick access. Downloading or updating apps to your smart TV has never been easy, but with the Hisense voice control feature and remote control, it can be possible with your fingertips.

Moreover, when you open your Hisense Smart TV, you will get plenty of apps on your screen. All these built-in apps must be famous or most used by the users, but you can not delete those installed apps whether you use them or not. However, you will also download your desired app by using your existing Android account.

How to Install Google Apps on Hisense Smart TV?

Here are the easy-peasy steps you can follow to download Google apps on your Hisense Smart TV.

  • Activate the on-screen keyboard feature using your remote control.
  • Get your Hisense smart TV remote and press the home button on it.
  • Your screen will provide you a menu where you want to select the App Store icon.
  • Here, please search for your desired app by putting its name on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard. You can use the navigation keys or D-pad for controlling the screen.
  • When the app opens on the screen, press the install button.
  • It will start installing immediately, and within few minutes, it will ready to run on your smart TV.


Install Sideload Apps on Hisense Smart TV

You can also download sideload apps on your Hisense Smart TV using a flash drive or a web browser. It is also a simple process comprised of few easy steps.

  • Go to the Google Playstore on your TV screen menu using your remote control.
  • You can easily manage the menu through the remote control using navigation keys.
  • Install the sideload app of your choice and launch it on your TV.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions you get and finish the process.
  • Once you install the sideload app, you can now easily any other google app using the flash drive and enjoy streaming your favorite apps on the big TV screen.


How to update Google apps on Hisense TV

Since the app requires an update to work smoothly and efficiently on your smart TV devices and provide all the latest features developer offers you. Like smartphones, where apps are most likely to update automatically, your Hisense smart TV will also update all the built-in and downloadable apps updates.

However, if your smart TV upsets you by any chance, don’t worry. Updating or reinstalling the app on your Hisense smart TV is not complex. It also consists of few easy steps that are given below.

Reinstallation of the Google App

Sometimes, a bug in the app needs to be fixed immediately, and the easy way to get rid of any bug or virus is by reinstalling that particular app. You can do it by:

  • Use your Hisense TV remote control and go to the menu.
  • Click on the app you want to reinstall.
  • Here you will find the red button that you want to click to uninstall the app.
  • Follow the confirmation option of deleting the app by pressing “OK.”
  • Once the app is deleted, you can now go to the App store through the same menu.
  • Search for that particular app and install it again by following the above installing method.


Updating the Google App

Since I already mention that the apps will update by themselves whenever there is any update comes in. However, in case of any issue, the updating process is also super easy, and you all must be familiar with it from Android phones.

Hisense Smart TV interface is the easiest to use that does not consume much time and effort. The voice control method makes life easier as it allows managing your smart devices via your voice. You can also just ask Google Assistant or Alexa to update that particular app. Or, you can manually do it using your remote control.


Bottom Line

Hisense Smart TV brings life to the content with its fantastic image quality and user-friendly Android interface. Smart TV means internet connectivity and lots of online streaming, games, music, and live shows, and much more. But, what’s the point of getting a device when you don’t know how to utilize it?

Well, we realize streaming the latest episode of F.r.i.e.n.d.s reunion holds so much importance in your entertainment life, and you can’t wait to download HBO max and Netflix on your big Hisense smart TV to stream it. So, wait no more. Read the entire article, download all your favorite apps right away, and get the most out of your smart TV.

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