How to repair a trident in minecraft?

A trident is a weapon that a gamer can utilize in different games of Minecraft. Speaking of it, Minecraft is an incredible game with endless learning opportunities, allows you to make decisions, and going ahead with your games entirely by yourself.

However, where Minecraft offers you to make your own world there, it does not allow you to craft your weapons, particularly Trident. Trident can be awesomely good in melee and ranged combat and can be thrown at a significant distance at your target.

How to repair a trident

Tridents in Minecraft

Tridents in Minecraft would be receiving lots of enchantments, including loyalty, Riptide, mending, channeling, and a curve of vanishing. A player can use the Trident to deal with severe melee damage or charge them at their total capacity to throw them on the target.

How to Get a Trident

Since you can not make a Trident weapon, you can grab it from a drowned mob that is a new zombie feature Minecraft has come up with. You have to steal the weapon from their cold, stubborn hands and make use of it.

Moreover, grabbing the weapon is not easy as it sounds. You need to head down in the water and find those zombies. Usually, they keep tridents with themselves, so you have to get into the fight with them and raise the chance of dropping Trident from their hand. Though the possibility is only 8.5%, it could be a winning shot if you successfully defeat them.

However, suppose you successfully grab the Trident from their hand. In that case, it will be a stunning situation, and you should give yourself a standing ovation for that because repairing the broken Tridents is much easy than finding them.

How to repair a trident in minecraft?

Learning about all the hurdles one has to face to hold the weapon makes us think about the time consumption and the possibility of the weapon breaking while dropping. It is merely a matter of time when the Trident falls from the zombie’s hand and breaks because we know that it comes with poor durability, similarly an iron sword.

However, do not think that your effort went in vain because you can also repair your Trident and use it for attacking the target. Also, repairing the Trident weapon does not consume your effort; you only need to combine two broken tridents.

Remember, the Trident does not have strong durability, and it gets lower with each damage. So, try mending it for the enchanting and raise its durability for what it’s worth. Besides, you can also combine two Tridents that need repairing on a crafting table that removes any charms and fixes them right away.

Moreover, combining damaged Tridents on a grindstone could be another way to repair them. So, the process is super easy but needs two damaged Tridents, which means spending more time fighting with zombies and making them fall more Tridents.

Bottom Line

Repairing a Trident weapon is pretty much an easy task than finding one and grabbing them from those zombies. Weapons improve the game and double the fun by introducing opportunities to catch up with the target from a significant distance. However, there is no guarantee that these weapons come with a long lifetime, so you need to apply thoughtful ways to keep them working.

You will find several easy techniques to repair the Trident in the article that should not waste your time and help you get back at it in no time.

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