GTA 5 APK + OBB DATA Download Free for Android & IOS

OMG, you still remember playing GTA games on your PCs and play stations? GTA has made our childhood awesome by letting us do funny crimes and play several exciting games. Since 1997, it is continuously surprising us and keeping us occupied with new and latest versions with lots of thrilling games.

We all know that we used to need a computer or dedicated PlayStation to play our favorite games, and it was a little off the scene for many of us. We had to plan a time, wait for longer, and make necessary adjustments even before playing a game. But, we can now have GTA games on Windows laptops, tabs, and smartphones.

Yes, technology will not stop surprising us and make our life easier with every passing moment. We no longer need to purchase anything and have to be dependent on the PCs. Now, our favorite GTA V games are at our fingertips, but still, there are some restrictions that we need to pass to enjoy this luxury. Since GTA V is not officially available on the Android OS, one of us has modded this game and makes the game running possible on our Android phones.

download GTA 5 APK OBB DATA

I will be discussing how you can play GTA V on your Android phone and clear all your misconceptions. However, you must be thinking that you need to root your phone because all the high graphic games do not run on the smartphone without making some changes, especially root access. But, the good news is, you can download and play GTA 5 APK on your Android phones without putting it at any risk.

You will not find GTA 5 application on the App Store or Google store; that’s why I am mentioning APK, which stands for Android Package Kit, which helps download games or apps not available officially on the OS.

Furthermore, there is one thing that you should take care of before deciding to play GTA V APK on your Android phone. You must get a high-quality, latest phone with at least 3 GB of extra or dedicated storage for GTA V APK, GTA 5 OBB, and the data. Yes, do not assume it is a regular game, but GTA V is a high storage game that requires a phone promising good performance and the latest graphics for delivering a smooth gaming experience.

GTA 5 APK + OBB DATA Download Free for Android & IOS

Here is a little overview of the GTA V APK version that you will be downloading on your Android phones.

  • App Name            GTA V
  • Version                v1.09
  • App size               2.6 GB
  • Android version    4.0 +
  • Developer             Rockstar Games

From the following link, you can download GTA 5 APK OBB file.


How to download and Install GTA 5 in Any Android Phone?

Moreover, downloading process of GTA 5 APK OBB is not complex. It is a simple, few-step process, and I will be discussing it in the article for you. So, let’s dive into it.

  • First, click on the link and start downloading GTA 5 on your Android phones.
  • There is no need to root the phone.
  • Make sure the phone has an extra 3GB of storage. I suggest you manage it beforehand. Otherwise, the downloading will not happen smoothly.
  • If it’s your first time downloading any APK file, you must make some changes. Go to the Android phone setting, tick the unknown source option, followed by the security button. It will provide permission to download APK files from sources other than PlayStore.
  • Now, go to your phone’s PlayStore and download the Es file Explorer, collecting the game data in a file format.
  • Open the APK file format and start installing the game.
  • Once the game is installed from APK, you can place the OBB file right here.
  • Now, you need to extract the data and OBB.
  • Once all the extraction of the data file and OBB is completed, the user can now run the APK file on the Android phone.
  • Enjoy playing your favorite games.


From these steps, the GTA 5 will successfully start running on your Android phone. But, there are some other essential things that you should aware of as the game demands it.


There is an OBB file that some of the Android applications use. It uses to for the expansion of several contents. In the case of GTA V APK, the OBB file will comprise the data out of the main file that the end-user might not find, like graphics, media content, and other necessary programs.

So, if you want smooth and complete gaming features, I suggest you download this GTA 5 OBB file. Don’t worry; this additional file will be adjusting into the 3GB storage and would not harm your Android phone in any way. It will only enhance the gaming experience for you.

You can download it from the following link.


GTA 5 Data File

The third and last file you must download to play your favorite GTA 5 on your Android phone is the GTA V Data file. It will keep all the records of previous missions and all the assets you have acquired while playing several games and provide you in the time of need. It is a sort of storage file for all the GTA 5 game data. It will help you perform actions and play the games smoothly and amazingly.

Once you download the original APK file, you need to extract OBB and data files and start playing the game.


GTA 5 Theme

GTA did not change its theme from theft; it is the same as the previous versions in GTA 5. Yes, you will be playing on the theft, racing, or drug themes as before. The player will have complete freedom to perform the tasks by using modern or the latest machinery.

You will see noticeable updates in the GTA 5 version, and I am sure you will relish it to the fullest because it will be more realistic than ever. It will allow you to race, argue with other players, or sometimes, you might need to steel objects to complete your mission. It will surely be fun.

The objects will have special effects, the car models will be the latest, which you get to see in your real life, and the graphics are outstanding. It is a theme that attracts most users and forces them to spend hours performing several tasks.

Besides the theme, several other game features will attract you and make you download the game right away. Like any other application or platform, features decide the success and make it popular among others.

Here are some key features of GTA 5 APK that you are most likely to experience.

Features of GTA V APK

  • The GTA 5 Versions ensures the freedom of the user. You will have no restrictions on roaming, using assets, stealing stuff, and perform other activities in a game.
  • This particular version of GTA has the support of High-quality HD graphics.
  • All the objects present in the game will have real effects, making the game realistic and full of life.
  • The user will be experiencing several game stages that the upcoming will be more exciting than the previous ones.
  • The vehicle control will be outstanding. You can also modify changes and manage your vehicle according to your needs.
  • After winning the missions, the player will earn a certain amount to use for purchasing objects, assets, stocks, or even vehicles for himself.
  • The city will be better and enhanced than ever.
  • The theme is user-friendly and exciting.
  • Controlling and managing in the game with keys has never been easy.


Requirements for Downloading GTA 5 APK OBB DATA on Android

There are no such requirements to download the APK version of the GTA 5 game on your Android phone. However, the developer mentions some factors that you should take care of beforehand.

First, make sure your Android phone is running on the latest version. 4.0 and + are preferable because the game automatically sends an update, and you must do it to continue performing your missions.  Next, your phone must have 3GB of storage while downloading because it is a high graphic game and requires a whole gaming setup to run. So, if you are downloading on the Android phone, make at least necessary adjustments similar to the PCs.


So you are switching to IOS or have an extra IOS device that you would like to use for gaming? No worries! You can download GTA V APK on your iPhones using the same link above.

Like Android, you will not find the original GTA application on the AppStore and have to download using an external link.  But APK versions make the entire process easy and allow us to catch up with our favorite childhood game with the latest version on our smartphone devices.

Moreover, the GTA V APK will run excellently on the IOS device and would not compromise any feature that you are expecting. I can guarantee you will not stop playing these exciting missions on your iPhone and earn lots of rewards.



Here are some most common questions that might come to your mind while reading the article. However, if you have any other, please let us know in the comments.

  • Is GTA 5 APK is the original version of the game?

No, it’s not the original version. APK is the external source that helps you download the apps that are not available on your running OS. It is safe and is created by the franchise.

  • If GTA 5 game is exciting?

Yes! It has several exciting missions that will give you special rewards at the end. You also get complete control of your activities while playing, so installing the game on your phones and playing when bored is worth it.

  • Can I download GTA 5 APK on any regular mobile?

Yes, you can download it, but you may not experience the high-quality version of the game. GTA 5 supports high graphics and needs the latest and good performance phone to provide a luxurious experience to the gamers.

  • How can I install GTA 5 APK on an IOS device?

You can use the link mentioned above and download the game on your iPhone or iPad.



GTA 5 was a dream for all the busy bees who have to work the whole day and rest on the weekends. All the game lovers were missing racing their favorite vehicles and stealing several objects for the sake of earning incentives in the form of money.

Thanks to the Rockstar games, who realize this significant need and modded the game into the APK version, making the whole installing process in our devices easy and smooth. Now, you can download GTA 5 version on your Android and IOS devices in no time without getting your phone at any risk. It is more like a dream come true for many game lovers, especially those who used to spend hours on their PCs for this particular game.

Go to the link above according to your device, and download the APK version right now.

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