Best Washer and Dryer to Buy in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Who else loves to do laundry and divert their mind in the boring days?

Yeah, right! Laundry can be an enjoyable home chore when you are lucky enough to have a suitable washer. It can save you from an unnecessary effort because now, you can put the laundry in the machine, and it will spin until the clothes are clean and dry themselves. Until then, you can catch up with the unfinished book with your favorite coffee.

Washer and Dryer Combo

Yes, you heard me. Technology is getting evolved with every single day, and it makes our lives easier. Unlike the old days, when we have to put dirty clothes in the washing machine, add detergents, let them spin for some time, and then take out all the clothes and put them in the dryer for the next step. You can now get the advantage of washing and drying clothes in a single spin with a washer and dryer combo machine. Using this fantastic two-in-one machine, you can save yourself a day of relaxing and spend a day watching a movie while your machine will do laundry for you.

Best Washer and Dryer

What to Buy?

However, people are still confused about the best washer and dryer to buy in 2022 because the market is overflowing with several options. All the brands are striving to sell their product while offering attractive features. Well, no worries! I can introduce you to the best washer and dryer you can have.

It’s an LG WM3998HBA washer and dryer combo that is winning people’s hearts for some time. I will review this incredible machine and let you decide whether it is worth buying in 2022. However, many other brands offer the same combinations, but LG can stand out with its durable build quality and reasonable wash time.

1.LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo 2022

LG has almost become an essential part of our lives with its broad range of product lines. Indeed, the brand invests a lot in its R&D, resulting in incredible innovative products like Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and now Washer and Dryer Combo.

Similarly, this incredible Front load washer and Dryer combo from LG is another pretty addition that should get enough attention it deserves. It comes with a large enough capacity for short to large families and suitable wash time to consume less power than other single machines. It means you can do a lot of laundry in a single spin and save a lot of time for yourself.

Moreover, the LG WM3998HBA is not big as others, so you could easily fit it in large washrooms or make its space in the laundry room. It probably needs 30 inches wide space because the machine itself is 27 inches wide with 39 inches in height.

Since the world is going smart, this LG washer and dryer combo machine are equipped with smart features to bring convenience and excitement into your life. You can connect the LG machine to your smartphone or any other smart device in your home, and it will notify you once the clothes are ready to come out. You can also control the wash cycles, monitor the performance, set the mode while using the voice command option.

The running or operating machine will be completely quiet, so you can do the laundry whenever you get time while not disturbing anyone in the family. Besides, you can read out a book in peace while turning on the machine to spin.

So, if you get to learn the machine in the right way, it can be a game-changer for you and the rest of your life. It is durable, smart, and capable of cleaning many clothes in a single spin. I can mention the features, pros, and cons, particularly, so you get a rough idea.

Washer and Dryer Features

  • Smart Washer and Dryer combo.
  • Ultra-large capacity.
  • Anti-allergy technology.
  • Voice control.
  • Six wash motions.


  • It makes no voice while spinning.
  • A dedicated app sport.
  • Less wash time.
  • Appropriate size.

After learning about this incredible product, I don’t want to leave you in the dark because there is a chance that it might run out of stock or LG would come up with a better and smart Washer and Dryer combo in the future. So, I would like to add a few points in the guide that will help you learn the essentials you should not compromise while buying the best washer and dryer for yourself in 2022.


Washer and Dryer Combo 2022 Buying Guide

This Buying guide will prove to be in your favor if you perceive things as they are. So, let’s get into the details and learn more about washing and drying machines.

  • Large Capacity

The basic and most important thing you should consider is a large enough capacity because you wash the clothes and dry them at once. The dryer needs more space to work effectively and efficiently. When you give a huge space to the dryer, it will provide you with clean and dried clothes in less time while saving notable power consumption.

  • Smart Features

When you are paying a huge amount, why not get the maximum or latest features to make your life easier. Yes, washing or drying machine combos come with integrated smart features that allow you to control its performance, change the mode, turn on/off the machine while using the voice command. You can also link the machine with your smartphone to get notified when it is spinning and when the clothes are ready to come out.

Now, you can catch up with other work while putting clothes to clean, or you just take a nap in peace.

  • Save Energy

Running a machine for continuous few hours means consuming lots of energy. But, you can opt for a washer or dryer combo machine with a moisture sensor that detects how wet your fabric is and adjusts the dryer time accordingly. It will also help you preserve your clothes and ensure the clothes are not over dry.

  • Automatic Capabilities

Make sure you are getting a completely automatic washer and dryer machine because it would not disturb you in the middle of a nap, and ask to turn on the dryer. Semi-automatic washer and dryer machines can be headaches if you plan to catch up with other work while putting laundry in the machine.

  • Temperature Cold Feature

Now the washing machines come with an automatic temperature control feature that can adjust the water temperature according to the need. Using the water in warm and cold proportions can not affect your clothes and save energy.

  • Size

Washing machines and dryers separately could use half of the laundry room space, but the washer and dryer combo can easily be fit in your washroom. It will be a perfect fit that allows you are doing laundry in no time. However, they come in different sizes, and you should measure your available size beforehand so you do not have to face trouble while fitting.

Moreover, the general combo size available in the market ranges between 25-27 inches in width.

  • Price

It will be a one-time investment. So, certify you are getting the right product. Also, these products come with a hefty price tag, so it is better if you make the mind at the time of planning. Besides, you can also make a budget, and if your budget is relatably low, you might need to compromise on few features. But it’s okay as long as the machine is washing and drying the clothes for you.



  • What are the reliable brands for buying Washer and Buyer in 2022?

In 2022, LG and Samsung seem to be the most reliable brands to buy. With less washing time and reasonable prices, it is worth buying.

  • What should I know before buying a washer and dryer machine?

So, here are few things that you must educate yourself about before stepping into the market.

  • How much is it consuming power?
  • Its load capacity.
  • Smart features.
  • Temperature control capability.
  • Is it worth spending on a washer and dryer machine?

Spending on a washer and dryer combo will be a long-term investment for you. It can turn the most hectic chore into the enjoyable one. It will not only wash your clothes but clean them to the full capacity and make them ready to wear in a matter of time.

  • How long LG washing machines last?

Your LG washer and dryer can guarantee to last for around 10-15 years or more if you maintain it properly.

  • Can I wash comforters and other heavy stuff in the machine?

Of course, you can. Its extra-large capacity can easily wash heavy stuff, including comforters, bedsheets, etc.



If you still don’t like the idea of washing clothes and spend hours around the washing machine, then LG WM3998HBA is perfect for you. It will be a worthy investment for all your dirty clothes and your missed naps that you compromised for this basic home chore. With all the exciting features and fantastic design, it will surely add value to your life. I would definitely recommend getting this washer and dryer combo and treat yourself with some relaxation.

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