Best Tools to Stress Test PC (CPU, RAM, & GPU)

Stress testing is utilised to verify the PC’s maximum capabilities. It is a variety of performance measurement that examines how the processor, memory, or graphic processor performs under heavy pressure. It’s also applied to determine your computer’s ability to recover.

Several tools can assist in stress testing. Which tool will work best depends on the kind of tests, such as a CPU stress test, GPU stress test, or RAM stress test. In this post, we’ll look at the finest tools for doing these three sorts of analyses on a pc.

cpu stress test

CPU Stress Test Tools 

  1. Core Temp

The heating of each core within each processor in the CPU is monitored by the tool. The outcomes are displayed in real-time. Processors from Intel, VIA*86, and AMD is all supported. It can be customized and expanded. The tool is free for use.

  1. Prime95

The CPU and RAM stress tests are both supported. The newest version is capable of detecting Mersenne primes You can run it manually or on automation. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Ready for free download.

  1. AIDA64

This CPU stress tool mimics the processes from the real environment. It ensures 100% load on the processor. The tool can be used on Intel and AMD processors. No charges involved.

RAM Stress Test Tools 

  1. MemTest86

It uses complicated algorithms and analysis models to test the execution of the RAM. It is obtainable in various languages. It has one free version and two paid ones, professional at $44 and site at $2640. The features differ from one version to other.

  1. Stress-ng

The software supports 200 tests, with 70 focused on a CPU stress test, For virtual memory 20 tests are available. It also experiments with the kernels of the operating system. The Linux OS is compatible. All of these features can be availed for free.

  1. HWiNFO64

It is recognised for giving thorough information regarding the central processor and additional hardware. The tool serves well for examining the memory of the PC. The features are customizable based on user needs. The DOS and Windows platforms can use this software. It can be availed free of charge.

GPU Stress Test Tools 

  1. 3DMark

This software is valuable for determining the GPU execution of your PC, as well as phones, laptops, and tablets. The software closely monitors parameters such as clock speed, heat, load, framerate, and so on. If only a basic version is necessary, it is accessible for free. The professional version will require $30.

  1. GPU-Z

This programme is ideal for getting extensive information on the graphics chip and video card. Works on Intel, AMD, ATI, and NVIDIA graphics cards. Full output can be saved in a file. No charges included.

  1. Heaven and Valley

This software is suitable for a comprehensive PC stress test. It monitors performance, cooling system, device, video card, GPU, and energy supply. Command-line support allows the tool to be automated. The primary plan is free. The fee for advanced prerequisites is $19, and the professional kit is $295.

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