Best Kodi Addons – Top List of Kodi Addons

Kodi can take your entertainment experience to the next level. As soon as you install Kodi on your devices, it allows streaming online content without charging anything. It provides different services like watching Live Channels, sports, news channels, Online streaming services, Radio, etc. Most importantly, if these services are not enough for you, you can use the addon option.

Best Kodi Addons

Yes, these Best Kodi addons enable tons of other sources where you can watch your favorite content. They are free, reliable, and provides an extra benefit. However, different Addons are compatible with different versions of Kodi. I will mention Kodi 18.8 version compatible Addons and then Kodi 19 version Addons separately. It will save your time and hassle of finding relative Kodi Addons.

Best Kodi Addons – Compatible with 18 version

Remember, you do not need every Addon I mention here. It would be best to get a few of them which cover top categories at once and deliver high-quality content while working correctly on your device.

Without further ado, Let’s see the exciting Best Kodi Addons we have. These are all compatible with the 18 version of Kodi.

  1. The Magic Dragon

If you are looking for the latest TV Shows and movies, then the Magic Dragon Addon would be best for you. It covers a vast library of all the shows, movies, and related content to keep you engaged.

It is the Addon that many Kodi users fantasized about after its release. It is the Best Kodi Addon because it is easy to use and provides high-quality content. The installation of the Magic Dragon is also pretty easy.

  • Tempest

It is another incredible Kodi Addon with a massive collection of movies, TV Shows, sports, kids stuff, etc. It is Kodi 18 version compatible and delivers the best quality content to its users. Moreover, you can find old and all the latest content on the tempest.

  • Skynet

You must have heard of this Kodi Addon. It is famous and liked by many after its release. It works amazingly on all Kodi devices and provides tons of online content at its user-friendly screen. Basically, it is associated with the DejaVu source so that I can stand on its reliability.

Besides, it will update automatically and support premium links for a better user experience.

  • Exodus Redux

Pretty much in demand, the Best Kodi addon is Exodus Redux is another incredible option we have. It is extensive and secures the potential to stand out among others for different reasons. It is fast, offers the latest content, and makes sure you do not experience any buffering while watching.

It covers everything a Kodi user can expect from an Addon. Thus we call it the Best Kodi Addon.

  • GAIA

GAIA is the one that probably includes all the TV shows, documentaries, and movies of almost every category, so you get everything under a roof. The interface is user-friendly and fast.  If you have an opportunity to use it with Real Debrid, then it can do wonders on the screen.

  • Alvin

You can consider Alvin if you want excellent yet basic categories. Alvin Addon’s layout is quite similar to the Exodus V8 with some noticeable improvements, but it is overall an appealing Kodi Addon. Alvin delivers content of 1080p resolution, so it is pretty much a deal. Besides, Alvin installation is also super easy and does not take more than 5 minutes.

  • Locutus

A new yet impressive Addon in the market is Locutus. Thank you to the Diamond Build Repo for this fantastic Addon which allows the streaming of several movies, TV Shows, documentaries, sports, and much more. However, you must need Debrid services to run Locutus Kodi Addon on your system.

  • DejaVu

The OSD is user-friendly, allowing everyone to browse for their favorite content. DejaVu offers multiple services like Sports channels, Kids stuff, Unlimited series streaming, and Movies. Also, the content is high-quality, with several categories to explore. At this moment, it is one of the Best Kodi Addon you can ever get.

  • Clicksville

If you are an on-demand content fan, then Clicksville is for you. You will get here every content you demand.  It has a wide variety of categories including, Classics, Music, Movies, etc. Also, it is super light in weight, making it fast responsive on the screen. You can call it the Best Kodi Addon for all features it offers.

  • Nemesis AIO

At ten, we have this exceptional Kodi  Addon, which is quite similar to all the Addons I mentioned. It also provides on-demand content and has a massive library of categories to offer. The display performance is also outstanding; you also get to see the premium and local content at a high quality.

  • Venom

Venom is also new in the market, delivering its services as a Best Kodi Addon. It has made its name concisely, and now everyone claims it to be the Best Kodi Addon. It features a wide range of different attractive categories that cover as maximum content as possible as it pulls top-notch links from several sources.

The good news is that Venom is compatible with Kodi 18 and 19 too. So, installing this Addon will benefit you for a longer time.

  • ReleaseBB

It is a Kodi addon that requires premium hoister sign-in to deliver the content. As it can promise the best quality content with a vast library, giving you a luxurious experience on the screen.

  • Numbers

It is an all-rounder Kodi Addon that features multiple contents including, kids’ stuff, fitness videos, documentaries, etc.

  • Marauder

Next, we have Marauder. It is relatively similar to the Skynet. It has many exciting features to offer in the top-notch quality that you can imagine.

  • Covenant

When you do not waste time exploring and thinking about what to watch, Covenant will be there to help you. With easy to use interface, it makes your browsing super convenient. It is probably the oldest Kodi Addon but still provides high-quality content.

  • Genesis Resurrected

If you have a Real Debrid subscription, then you should consider installing this Addon. It contains all the premium features for Kodi users.

  • Scrubs

Scrubs also successfully make it to the Best Kodi Addon list because of its impressive features. It is a much better and improved version of the Exodus. The interface is simple, giving you direct access to different categories for easy navigation on the screen. Also, you will get to see all the familiar categories on screen like Documentaries, TV Shows, Movies, etc.

However, you may face difficulty playing high-quality content with Scrubs as it does not support Full HD and 1080 resolution. Yet you may have to check beforehand if the link works well on this or not. Likewise, if you have a Real Debrid subscription ahead, then no worries.

Other Addons that you can consider are:

  • Twisted.
  • The Red Queen.
  • 13 Clowns.
  • Mirror.
  • TAZ.
  • Luxray.

Best Kodi Addons – Compatible with 19 version

They are almost delivering similar functions as the 18 version compatible ones. But they are exclusively for the Kodi 19. If you have already updated your Kodi, you should be getting these Best Kodi Addons.

  • Revolution.
  • The Oath.
  • Seren.
  • Venom.
  • FEN.
  • Disney Plus.
  • Shadow.
  • 4K Addon.
  • Asgard.
  • EnterTain Me.
  • Free.
  • HBO Max.

Best Live Kodi Addons

Following are the Two Live Addons you consider with the Kodi. Since the technology is getting advanced, every area is enhancing and evolving to deliver something new and exciting. Let’s see what they both are offering to the Kodi users.

  • cCloud TV

If you are a fan of streaming satellite channels on screen, then cCloud TV is relatively a reasonable consideration. It includes enough categories, including Sports, News, IPTV addon, FilmOn, etc.

It is live TV, but you do not have to pay any subscription fees to get its access. It also delivers on-demand content, specifically for movies and TV Shows. Indeed, it deserves to be known as Best Kodi Addon. Besides, you can easily download it from the Kodi Bae.

  • PVR IPTV Simple Client

Another Live Kodi Addon is PVR IPTV simple client. Since the name suggests, it is an IPTV addon that requires you to connect your current IPTV subscription to Kodi and enjoy live streaming.

Best Kodi Sports Addons

We have a category of Best Kodi Sports Addons where you can get all the Addons that offer live streaming of sports. Indeed, it is the greatest thing to happen to a sports fan. They are all free, provide high-quality content, and provide different features.

Not only live matches, but you can also stream previous ones that you have missed because of the party or school homework. These Addons got you covered for all your sports needs.

These four are the best Sports Addons of Kodi.

  • Sportsdevil.
  • Rising Tides.
  • Fox Sports Go.
  • Sportowa.

Though all of them are the best ones, they even have something unique to offer. Still, I recommend getting Fox Sports Go for sure. Though it requires a Fox channel subscription, it will cover everything you can imagine in the best quality.

Best Kodi Addons for Kids

Not only kids, sometimes we all crave the animated content to recall our childhood and the best moments we lived. However, kids nowadays also have a severe addiction to TVs and digital devices, so it is better to get them Best Kodi Addons for kids that cover interesting content relatable to kids.

These Addons are popular and offer tons of links that can give your kids a great time. They are easily accessible and fast with lots of categories. However, they are entirely free, whereas the second Addon needs paying subscription to access the massive library. Here are the two best Addons for kids.

  • CTOON.
  • FunimationNow.

Best Kodi Addons for Music Streaming

Calling out all the music fans as I want to stream and tell them that Kodi didn’t forget you all. Kodi has separate Addons for you that can take your music obsession to the next level. Both of them are well maintained with different categories and good quality content. The Best Addons for Music are:

  • YouTube.
  • MP3 Streams.

Best Kodi Addons for Multipurpose Use

Why getting individual Addons of different categories when we have multipurpose Addons? Yes, these Best Kodi Addons cover everything from Music to Sports, Korean Dramas, News, Kids, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, etc.

There are all best and knows what they are delivering. It is a market where you can get everything, but it does not charge you a single penny.  They are all comprised of multiple categories that include tons of links of every kind. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Fladnag.
  • The Crew.
  • 7 of 9.
  • Descent.
  • LaPlaza.
  • Cryptonite.

Final Words

Kodi can be real fun with the correct Addons that compatible with your existing version. If you can use it properly, then it can give you a luxurious experience completely free. I am leaving with a list of all the Addons- All-rounders and a particular category to save your time if you look at something specific. They are all safe and legal to use, so no worries about their authenticity. However, it is always better to enable VPN when you are using Kodi for security reasons.

In this article, I hope you get everything you have been looking around.


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